Michael Krasnobrod Photo/http://krasnobrod.photography/pu_2.html  

Michael Krasnobrod Photo/http://krasnobrod.photography/pu_2.html


World Record Cast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN0NHvTeyHY

Spey Casting - The Sweep
May 28, 2015/ By Louis Cahill/ in Gink and Gasoline

Montana Spey                                                                                                             May 30, 2015/ By John Arnold/ in Scrumliner Media

Bonefishing - A Steelheader's Perspective/ First Bonefish Experience            May 13, 2015/In Alaska West

Spey Casting - The Lift
February 12, 2015/ in Alaska West

So You Want To Be An Alaska Guide?
January 5, 2015 / By Louis Cahill/ in Gink and Gasoline

Whitney Gould’s Competition Rig
MAY 9, 2014/ in Alaska West

Interview with Whitney Gould Casting Champion Extraordinaire
February 27th, 2014/ by Lara Wisniewski/ in Bozeman Magazine

Teaching, Fly Casting and Guiding
September 21, 2013/ in Alaska West

11 Questions with Whitney Gould
August 2, 2013/ in Simms Wading Room Blog

Skagit vs. Scandi Heads and Keeping it Simple
MAY 13, 2013/ in Alaska West

The Women of SOR
March 14, 2012/ in Rogue Angles